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is a combination of passive yoga, acupressure techniques, meditation and stretching. It is a type of deep massage that involves firmly pressing specific places all over the body. It starts with a foot massage and goes upwards. It is performed not only with the hands, but also with the thumbs, wrists, elbows, forearms, and even the masseur’s feet and knees. The techniques used during Thai massage are designed to release tension from the body and allow the energy to flow more easily.
It can be a perfect as the treatment of frequent headaches, spine and muscle aches. It also helps with circulatory disorders, problems with metabolism and chronic stress. In addition, it strengthens the body’s immunity system, as well as helps to recover from diseases and injuries.

1h – 150 PLN | 1,5h – 170 PLN | 2h – 200 PLN

Thai relaxing massage with scented oils
is a combination of traditional Thai massage with aromatherapy. Using oriental massage techniques, its effects have been enhanced with the use of oils that stimulate the senses and nourish the skin, improving its overall condition, which in effect becomes silky soft and smooth. Performed with calm and rhythmic movements, the massage reduces stress and at the same time has a great effect on the nervous system. In addition, it helps in the regeneration of an exhausted body, strengthens the immune system and increases efficiency and vitality.

1h – 180 PLN | 1,5h – 200 PLN | 2h – 230 PLN

Thai sports / remedial / lymph drainage massage
is strong and dynamic, it relaxes the whole body and eliminates pain and contractures. Using special techniques, the masseur relaxes tense, stiffened muscles and tendons and relieves the body from pain.
It helps in the treatment of many diseases. It is recommended during rehabilitation and recovery from a long-term illness or accident.It reduces the probability of injury and also helps you to regain strength much faster. The treatment is recommended for people who practice sports professionally, suffer from joint and muscle pain, with a noticeable decrease in energy, and who work intensively.

1h – 190 PLN | 1,5h – 220 PLN | 2h – 250 PLN

Thai relaxation / anti-stress massage

Thai relaxation / anti-stress massage with: hot coconut or argan oil / shea butter / aloe ver

takes you to the world of deep relaxation. It is a massage that warms up and strongly moisturizes the skin, making it soft. Vitamins and minerals contained in coconut oil, by absorbing, nourish the skin, delay skin aging and wrinkle formation, improving its firmness and elasticity. Massage with hot coconut oil is especially recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin. Additionally, massage with this oil relieves stress symptoms, regulates blood pressure and reduces tension.

1h – 190 PLN | 1,5h – 220 PLN | 2h – 240 PLN


is classified as a relaxing and cosmetic massage and has a double benefit, because it not only relaxes but also works great on the skin. Argan oil, also known as the elixir of youth, is currently the most valued oil produced in the world.
Known and used for centuries as a natural cosmetic, the oil nourishes and prevents aging processes. The oil is well absorbed, effectively and long-lastingly moisturizes the skin.
Moreover, massage with argan oil is suitable for stressed people. Its purpose is to relax the muscles as much as possible, while restoring the correct heart rhythm and blood circulation. Argan oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes inflammation.

1h – 190 zł | 1,5h – 220 zł | 2h – 240 zł


combines all the properties of a relaxing massage with the beneficial effects of Shea butter. It provides a full range of vitamins and nutritional substances needed to make the skin much softer, smoother, moisturized and, most importantly, healthier. Shea slows down the aging process and renews the epidermis. In addition to excellent nutritional values (saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E and F and vitamin A provitamin) it strengthens the effect of massage, relaxing the muscles. The warmth and soothing massage technique allow you to fully relax.

1h – 190 zł | 1,5h – 220 zł | 2h – 240 zł


It is made using natural aloe vera, which has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant, rich in vitamins C, E and B. When applied to the skin, it has strong moisturizing, regenerating, anti-itching and soothing properties. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, softens it and preventing it from drying out. Aloe extract supports skin regeneration, increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Additionally, it stimulates microcirculation, reduces lymphatic edema and improves firmness. After the treatment, the skin is properly moisturized, silky smooth and elastic. The treatment is accompanied by a relaxing massage and an essential aroma.

1h – 190 zł | 1,5h – 220 zł | 2h – 240 zł

Hot volcanic stones massage

combines techniques of relaxing massage, thermotherapy and acupressure. Volcanic stones, due to their excellent properties of conducting high temperatures, have a beneficial effect on the entire body. The hot volcanic stones provide soothing warmth even to those tissues that are very deep. The pressure of hot stones unlocks trigger points and compresses them. The beneficial effect of the heat given off by the hot stones causes a very quick relaxation of tense muscles. In addition, warm volcanic stones in contact with the body give up their valuable energy, restoring balance in the body. By combining stones with good massage techniques you can relax deeply.

1,5h – 240 PLN | 2h – 270 PLN

Warm ayurvedic herbal and flower stamps massage
is both relaxing and healing. We heat special stamps that are made of cotton, filled with a mixture of dried herbs: mint, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lime, lavender and sage. Due to the use of medicinal herbs, it is especially recommended for inflammatory conditions. They soothe bruises and muscle pain, cleanse the body and heal.
Massage is especially recommended in the case of a decrease in the body’s immunity, muscle and rheumatic pains. The herbal stamp massage technique deeply relaxes, relieves stress, and improves both emotional and physical well-being. The intense smell and heat from the stamp make the body and mind fully relaxed.

1,5h – 240 PLN | 2h – 270 PLN

Hot nourishing candle massage
It is a relaxing massage performed with the use of hot wax from a professional massage candle. Perfectly moisturizes the skin, amazing warmth and oriental scent of the candle take you to the world of total relaxation and put you in a unique mood. This massage is extremely sensual. The massage is performed with warm candle oil, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. The addition of beeswax enhances its healing properties. The unique formula of candle oil leaves the skin wonderfully moisturized, silky smooth and soft. Thanks to the relaxing warmth and overwhelming aroma, the massage stimulates the senses and guarantees a unique experience. In addition, it firms the skin and supports the fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

1h – 190 PLN | 1,5h – 220 PLN | 2h – 240 PLN

Slimming / body shaping massage

A massage dedicated to all those who want to take care of their appearance and body, restoring its firmness and smoothness. The massage involves the use of special techniques – intensive massaging, kneading and patting. Thanks to this, it supports the process of slimming and reducing body fat. Blood flow is increased, which speeds up the metabolism and detoxification of the body. Additionally, masseuses use special creams that are designed to remove cellulite, model the body and smooth the skin. To see clear effects, we recommend a series of 10 massages, at least twice a week. The masseur focuses on those parts of the body that require slimming and firming the skin. At the same time, to maintain the balance of the whole body, other parts are massaged, which allows you to relax.

thai techniques + concentrated cosmetic

1h – 180 PLN | 1,5h – 210 PLN

Original 4-hands massage

it is performed synchronously by two masseurs. This kind of massage is considered to be one of the most difficult techniques as it requires concentration and the ability to cooperate. It is a form of physical impact on the human body, using specially selected manual techniques, taken from both classical massage and eastern rituals. It combines relaxing and energizing properties. Pleasant relaxation is accompanied by a feeling of regeneration of mental and physical strength. Massage improves blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. It eliminates various pains and tensions in our body. Synchronized movements provide twice as strong, unforgettable impressions and sensations and make us feel happier.

1h – 300 PLN | 1,5h – 350 PLN

For mothers-to-be and in the postpartum period massage

Massage for pregnant women prepares the woman’s body for the next stages of pregnancy and childbirth. The purpose of the massage is to reduce swelling, tension and pain in the areas subject to excessive stress: shoulders, neck, back – especially in the lumbosacral region, lower limbs and joints of the lower limbs. Massage removes tension and adds energy. Additionally, it stimulates circulation, which has a calming or strengthening effect. Regular massage during pregnancy helps you to relax and reduces fatigue. Massage techniques are selected in terms of well-being, ailments and individual preferences.

Massage in the postpartum period is used to accelerate the recovery of health, strength and full physical activity of women. Its main goals are to calm down and improve the emotional state, and strengthen the main muscle groups. Massage is also used to strengthen the abdominal wall, stabilize the spine, reduce swelling. Systematic treatments with a professional masseur will also help a woman get back in shape and make it much easier to return to her previous figure.

1h – 190 PLN | 1,5h – 220 PLN

Therapeutic abdominal massage

This massage detoxifies the body and prevents the development of many pathologies in the abdominal area (including stones in the gallbladder and kidneys, appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome). During illness, it supports the recovery process. This massage improves blood circulation and stimulates the work of the intestines – thanks to this, you can eliminate many ailments more easily. Deep abdominal massage is aimed at relaxing the abdominal organs and improving the functioning of internal organs. With the use of special techniques, it cleans the digestive system, improves the work of internal organs, reduces tension, contractures and stagnation, removes indigestion and constipation, and detoxifies the body. The massage aims to restore the proper tension, flexibility and mobility of internal organs. By combining with other elements in the human body, it allows the elimination of the primary damaging factor.

1h – 150 PLN



is especially intended for people with pains in various parts of the spine, neck or head. It is a combination of techniques used in Thai massage – based on compression and stretching. It reduces chronic pain, contractures and muscle tension. It relieves headache and stimulates blood circulation also to strengthen the hair roots, preventing baldness. The head is the most important energy zone in the human body associated with all internal organs. Head and neck massages are recommended not only in case of pain. It relaxes tense muscles, which improves overall well-being. It is a perfect relaxation and relief for people who are stressed, overworked, sedentary, or spend a lot of time in one position.

upper – head, shoulders, back, face, neck, neckline

1h – 150 PLN | 1,5h – 180 PLN


is especially recommended for physically active people and people who work for a long time in a standing position. The indications for massage of this area of ​​the body are: limitation of mobility in joints after injuries, contracted, acidified muscles after training or overload due to constant standing. The masseur focuses on the lower body and waist, providing a deep massage experience around the calves, thighs, hips, buttocks and feet. The main purpose of this massage is to minimize tensions resulting from exposure to stress and overwork of the body. It can be a great addition to the treatment of common joint pain. In addition, it eliminates the tension of the muscles of the legs and feet and eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs”.

lower – legs, foot, buttocks, thighs, calves

1h – 150 PLN | 1,5h – 180 PLN


Foot reflexotherapy

is an art and science in one. It is also a form of therapy and relaxation treatment, in which all spheres of a person are treated as one whole in order to affect body, soul and mind. This form of massage and therapy was already used in ancient Egypt. Due to its effectiveness, it has survived to this day. Properly oppressed parts cause that it is working for the entire body.

1h – 150 PLN | 1,5h – 180 PLN

Thai massage for the younges
is a therapeutic treatment that relaxes selected parts of the body. Massage is an effective way to relieve pain of all origins. Thai massage for children de-stresses and relaxes the young organism.
When performing a massage for children, the classic massage technique is used, adjusting its strength to the age of the massaged child. Massage helps to maintain an appropriate level of concentration and supports the child’s development.

up to 5 years of age: 0,5h – 90 PLN
after 5 years of age: 1h – 150 PLN



Golden Anti-Aging Ceremony

Gold for medicinal and cosmetic purposes has been used since ancient times. The cosmetics that we use for the gold therapy treatment are one of the most exclusive products available on the Asian market. The treatment begins with make-up removal, then the skin is cleansed with a peeling with gold particles. Then, face and neck massage is performed. Finally, a gold mask is put on. The treatment was created not only to provide excellent results for the skin, which is designed to rejuvenate, brighten the skin and stimulate collagen production, but also to provide the client with moments of pleasant relaxation and tranquility.

face scrub with gold powder + manual massage + gold face ma

1,5h – 270 PLN

Algae Cleansing Ceremony

Algae play a big role in skin care. They intensely moisturize the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin, effectively preventing excessive water loss. They soothe irritations and regenerate the skin. They are used for intensive cleansing, soften the outer layer of skin and improve blood circulation. Algae masks, used since ancient times, provide us with a large portion of regenerating and moisturizing ingredients, thanks to which the skin acquires a healthier color, is smoothed, better moisturized, its firmness and tension increases, and inflammations are calmed down. For this treatment, we use high-quality natural algae, and we prepare the mask ourselves according to our own recipes. The treatment begins with a face peeling, then an algae mask is applied and it ends with a pleasant massage.

face scrub + manual massage + natural algae face mas

1,5h – 250 PLN

Chocolate Nourishing Ceremony

It is an energizing treatment. It begins with a chocolate face peeling, which is designed to remove dead epidermal cells, moisturize and make the skin more elastic. The next stage is a relaxing facial massage, and finally a chocolate mask is applied. It gives a youthful appearance and a delicate shine. The treatment is especially recommended for people struggling with dull, tired skin that requires hydration. Chocolate therapy nourishes the skin through the action of carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements, giving the skin shine and vitality.

face scrub + manual massage + natural chocolate face mas

1,5h – 250 PLN

Certificated Thai FaceLiftin

It is a manual massage, a very intensive treatment that works on the deep structures of the skin. Thanks to this treatment, the skin becomes stronger, smoother and firmer, because we can nourish the skin even more intensively thanks to the active ingredients contained in cosmetics used for massage. It is a ritual combining 3 lifting massage techniques: Kobido face massage, massage of the innovative Sculpture Face Lifting method by Yakov Gershkovich and traditional Thai face massage. Our outstanding masseurs have created their unique way of massage that combines the most effective methods of face lifting.

combination of Thai techniques + Kobido + Yakowa Gershkobic

1h – 230 PLN | 1,5h – 270 PLN


Cleansing and relaxing Ceremony
„Thai Paradise

Is a perfect proposition for all those who dream of a moment of relaxation, enriched with unique body treatment rituals. The treatment begins with a body peeling that will remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis and will stimulate the skin to produce new ones. Then, a relaxing full-body massage with the use of aromatic oils is performed, which will restore the state of energy balance, harmony of the body and mind, and bring you into a state of deep relaxation and relief. Later, a face and neck massage is performed, and then a gold mask is applied to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. At the end, a foot, hand and head massage is performed, which completes the entire treatment.

body scrub + massage with naturally scented oils + gold facial
treatment + feet, hands and head massa

3h – 450 PLN

Cleansing and nourishing Ceremony “Chocolate Delight

Is a chance to plunge into the world of aromatic chocolate. This treatment begins with a body peeling that cleanses, smoothes and prepares the skin for the next steps. Then a chocolate mask is applied, which stops the aging process and stimulates and oxygenates the skin, giving it a nice, youthful appearance. The treatment ends with a hot Shea butter massage, which relaxes all the muscles of the body and relieves tension. Thanks to the whole range of treatments, the warmth and soothing massage technique will allow you to relax and fully unwind, and the skin will gain radiance and elasticity.

body scrub + natural chocolate body mask + hot scented shea
butter massage

2,5h – 350 PLN

Cleansing and firming Ceremony “Oriental Fit”

It is an exclusive treatment with a strong cleansing, moisturizing and firming effect. The treatment begins with a body peeling that will remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis and will stimulate the skin to produce new ones. Then a slimming massage is performed with oils with caffeine and guarana concentrate. Guarana fruit extract and caffeine contained in the oils add vitality to tired skin. The treatment provides hydration, oxygenation and a radiant appearance. It also strongly supports the removal of toxins, and the body regains its firmness and attractive appearance.

body scrub with acid + slimming oil massage with coffeine
and guarana concentra

2,5h – 350 PLN

Thai Ceremony
„Healing touch of Orient

The treatment was created for people who want to achieve a significant improvement in their figure. This treatment begins with a body peeling that cleanses, smoothes and prepares the skin for the next steps. Then the masseur applies a mixture with a high content of aromatic essences and a mask and wraps the body with a special foil. The treatment ends with a massage that relaxes all the muscles of the body and relieves tension. Thanks to the whole range of treatments, it helps to slim down parts of the body and improves the appearance of the skin, which becomes smooth and firm.

treatment time: 2h + 30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco
and a sweet surprise

2,5h – 350 PLN


Thai body scrub
Is a sensational treatment that will remove the dead cells of the outer layer of the epidermis and will stimulate the skin to produce new ones. Algae play an important role in skin care, intensively and permanently moisturizing the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin, effectively preventing excessive water loss. They soothe irritations and have an effective regenerating effect. They are used for intensive cleansing and improve blood circulation. This type of peeling perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and velvety to the touch.

1,5h – 200 PLN

Thai body scrub - individually compose
We select it depending on the season and customer needs. The advantages of peeling : smoothing, removing cellulite, moisturizing and firming the skin. We only use natural ingredients with the addition of valuable essential oils. We choose ground nut shells, orange peels, mandarin peels, dried flowers, crushed oat flakes, rice starch, sea salt, ground coffee, algae – unique gifts of the earth. It exfoliates dead skin cells and massages every cell of the body. The skin heats up, turns pink and at this moment the sensual and valuable ingredients of the peeling are absorbed into the body.

1h – 150 PLN


Relaxation Ceremony
„Romeo & Juliet”

Relaxing massage with aromatics oils + tea time with a sweet surprise and a glass of prossecco

treatment time:
1h massage +30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco and a sweet surprise
1,5h massage +30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco and a sweet surprise
2h massage +30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco and a sweet surprise

1.5h – 410 PLN | 2h – 450 PLN | 2.5h – 500 PLN

Holistic Ceremony
„Body And Soul Harmony”

for her: chocolate body scrub + natural chocolate body mask
+ relaxation oil massage

for him: body scrub + relaxation oil massage
+ foot and hands massage

treatment time: 2,5h + 30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco
and a sweet surprise

3h – 700 PLN


Thai Ceremony
„Healing Touch Of Orient”

classic thai massage + foot massage + head massage + hydrating sheet facial mask

treatment time: 2h + 30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco
and a sweet surpris

2,5h – 600 PLN

Oriental Ceremony
„Golden Glow``

aromatic body scrub + relaxation massage with aromatic oils
+ gold facial treatment + foot, hand and head massa

treatment time: 3h + 30 min relax time with our special Thai tea, prosseco
and a sweet surpris

3,5h – 900 PLN

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